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In our recent Facebook competition, we asked our followers what togetherness means to them. We had a fantastic response to the competition and many of the responses were thoughtful and heartfelt. Thank you to all who took art. We are pleased to share with you some of the lovely responses, many of which were filled with humour. For example, Michelle Hines left this fantastic comment which many will relate to! She wrote: “using each others skills to work as a team. I’m the brains and he’s the brawn (we’ve mastered flat-pack)”.


What togetherness means…


Similarly, Amy Niven looked on the funny side with her comment “Wine, plenty of wine”. We think that this is a sentiment that will be shared by many!

Julie Whyte wrote what togetherness means for her: “Me, lying in bed surrounded by my pets…”. This just goes to show that our pets are just as important to us when thinking about what togetherness means.

Many of the comments explained how important it is to support each other through thick and thin. The marriage vows of ‘sickness and health’ also came up more than once, with comments focusing on enjoying great times, and getting through the hard times.

What togetherness means for others is more to do with family including parent/s and siblings. For example Benjamin Salazar wrote “you can’t put a price on it – a single mother bringing up 4 kids”. Plus, a common  theme in other comments related to family in far-fling places around the world. In many cases, comments related to maintaining relationships with loved ones across vast distances. The graphic at the top of this page shows just a few of the beautiful words and phrases written by our Facebook followers. We could have included so many more!


Celebrating togetherness


Many of our blog posts relate to family history and how families trace each other and come together. If you are undertaking your own research, then have a look at this link to our family history articles.  Many of these posts connect to useful sites to help with your research. If you would like to purchase a gift that celebrates what togetherness means, then our Double coat of arms print could be the perfect item. This shows two coats of arms side by side, along with your own personal message below. We have a wide range of gifts to celebrate all occasions.  Visit our shop for some inspiration!


We would like to thank all of those who took part in the Facebook competition. Keep an eye out for more competitions in the coming months!



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