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Find fascinating facts and intriguing details about your surname meaning. Discover the origins of your last name and its earliest-known coat of arms by searching our database containing over a million surnames. We also hold the meanings of Scottish Clan and Irish surnames along with a large collection from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and beyond.

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All this historical data is brought together in the form of personalised gifts to suit all occasions. We sell personalised books and historic newspaper gifts along with a host of prints and scrolls, perfect to display the history of your surname, describing where your last name originates, to the status and influence that bearers of your last name held.

Searching our database could also reveal a family crest or coat of arms that relates to your surname. Does your family name have a coat of arms? For example, it might include a rampant unicorn, an eagle, a man in armour emerging from a tower holding a battle-axe or a ship under sail. This coat of arms / family crest can be engraved on a gift for an anniversary or on our fabulous crystal wine glasses for you to enjoy at home and show off to guests. There’s lots to discover about the meaning of your surname, let us help you on your quest.


Discover fascinating facts and intriguing details about your surname! Hall of Names provides a stunning range of historical and heraldic gifts designed to last a lifetime.

Our extensively researched database holds over 1,000,000 coats of arms and 1,800-word surname histories, origins and meanings. These unique and personalised gifts are not available on the high street and make a perfect gift for anyone interested in discovering the history of their surname.

I must comment on your fantastic service for my late order. Even the adverse weather conditions did not stop my delivery getting to me.

Excellent service, Excellent company, Excellent product. I will recommend you to everyone who has a wedding to attend or special anniversaries this coming year as I think these make a perfect gift for those special occasions. I am going to ask my nearest and dearest for the framed embroidery crests for my husband and I, they will look perfect in my living room.

I look forward to being in contact next year with more orders and will make as many recommendations as possible.

Sarah Ryan, Sunbury-on-Thames

Personalised Jubilee MugIncludes the coat of arms for your name

This superb Platinum Jubilee Mug will help you to celebrate this very special occasion in style!

  • The ultimate personalised gift – a real talking point!
  • Features the earliest coat of arms relating to your name
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  • Available as a single, a set of two or a set of four.
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