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A Personalised Tea Towel: Imagine having a piece of history in your hands. A symbol of your lineage, a representation of the legacy that your ancestors have left behind. We bring to you our exclusive tea towels, adorned with the coats of arms relating to a million names. And these are not just simple pieces of cloth; they are a testament to your heritage, a conversation starter, and a unique décor item for your home.

A Personalised Tea Towel – Perfect for Your Home




A Personalised Tea Towel is a great gift for the home.




Our tea towels are a great addition to any household. Whether you hang them on your kitchen hooks, use them to cover your oven handle, or simply display them on your walls, they will surely add a touch of elegance and historic charm to your home. The coat of arms, beautifully printed on the towel, will constantly remind you of your roots and the rich history of your family name. In this way, it’s not just a towel — it’s a piece of history.

An Exceptional Gift – with a Coat of Arms / Family Crest



Choose the coat of arms from our database of more than a million names.



If you’re struggling to find a meaningful gift for your loved ones, then why not give them a piece of their own name’s history? Our tea towels make an exceptional gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or even housewarming parties. Each towel is personalised with the earliest coat of arms relating to the recipient’s name, making it a gift that truly speaks volumes. It’s not just a gift — it’s a gesture of love and thoughtfulness.

Coats of arms and family crests


Coats of arms and family crests have been used for centuries to represent families and their heritage. A coat of arms typically consists of a shield, crest, and motto, while a family crest is often just the shield. These symbols were originally used in battle to identify knights and their allies, but eventually became a symbol of family pride and identity. Each element of a coat of arms or family crest has a specific meaning, such as colours representing virtues or animals representing traits. Today, many families still use these symbols as a way to honour their ancestry and pass on their legacy to future generations. Read more posts about Heraldry here.

Pair it Up


Want to make your Personalised Tea Towel gift even more special? How about pairing our tea towel with a matching mug or a set of coasters? A complete set of items with the recipient’s coat of arms will truly make them feel special and appreciated. It’s not just a pairing — it’s a complete gift set that shows your thoughtfulness and care.




Personal name mugs with a coat of arms – unique and distinctive


Order Your Personalised Tea Towel Today!


Excited about the idea? We can’t wait to help you bring this unique gift to life. With a million names available, we are confident that we can find the earliest coats of arms for your family name. Order today and let us help you celebrate your history and heritage in a unique and stylish way.

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