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Finding personalised gifts for men


Are you trying to find personalised gifts for men? It can be really difficult to choose something unique and distinctive. Chances are you have searched online for ‘personalised gifts for men’ and found the same old websites popping up time after time. But what if you want something truly unique and bespoke? Not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a site that allows you to create amazing personalised gifts for men. Ones that don’t cost the earth! You will want to reflect your true sentiments. In that way, a gift for your brother, dad, grand-dad or other male family member or friend is going to be opened with genuine delight.

Don’t worry because we’ve got plenty of ideas that will help you to create something really distinctive. Our gifts will be treasured for years to come -not hidden in a drawer! We have a few tips to get you started and hope to help you choose those special gifts. As an independent, family-run business, we will always go the extra mile to ensure your personalised gifts for men are exactly what you want. Even if you don’t see quite what you want, simply get in touch. We will be able to assist you personally. Just call us on 01984 632120.



Coat of arms hip flask

Coat of arms hip flask


Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes


It might be tempting to buy that wacky tie, or another set of socks. But try to imagine things from the recipient’s perspective. For example, if you know that he wears double-cuffed shirts, then some personalised cuff-links could be the perfect gift. But if he has no double-cuffed shirts then you might be better off choosing something different, and more appropriate.


Coat of arms cufflinks

Coat of arms cufflinks



Are you purchasing for an older member of the family, who spends time at home? Then something like a desk clock with coat of arms would be a great choice. Do you know someone who loves to do a crossword, or read the paper, but finds it hard to read small print? Our magnifying glass could be the ideal gift. In fact, this could be a great gift for Grand-dad!

However, it might not be so appropriate for your 19 year-old nephew, who might prefer something more age-appropriate. You could consider such a coat of arms  hip flask set or how about a dog-tag style neck chain with engraved coat of arms? Alternatively, if the recipient is a smoker, you could think about a tobacco tin, metal zippo-style lighter or black coat of arms lighter. Really try to think about what the recipient would find attractive or useful. It isn’t about what you’d choose for yourself, but what they would like and appreciate.

Choose your price

We know that it can be tricky to find personalised gifts for men, and so all of our gifts are carefully chosen to reflect quality, but also value. You can even select your gift by price, to ensure you spending the appropriate amount for you. On our shop all products page, simply go to the price slider on the left of the screen, and this will allow you to filter our personalised gifts for men by price. You will then know that you are looking at gifts in a price range that is realistic for you.


Crystal glasses make great personalised gifts for men!


We have a really fantastic range of quality crystal, which will make a lovely gift to use year after year. In fact, when our customers are looking for personalised gifts for men, they often come to Hall of Names first! There are three ranges available to choose from. The Blenheim range is traditional style with a high lead content. Mayfair is slightly lighter in feel with a diamond-cut design, and Verona is more modern, with a wave-line at the base.

We have a wide variety of choices available including whisky tumblers, brandy glasses, wine glasses and hi-ball glasses. Why not start a collection for the man in your life. Plus, we have optional extra engraving, allowing you to create your own unique message. If you’d like to share in the gift, why not consider a wine set? This has a lovely bottle of Richelieu in white or red, and two stunning wine goblets displaying your chosen coat of arms.


Personalised gifts for men

Coat of arms tankard



Surname prints make great personalised gifts for men


Our best-selling product is our coat of arms and surname history print. We can frame these four you in a choice of four lovely frames. Each scroll contains masses of information about the recipients name. Find out how we create the scrolls by reading our blog here. There is so much to discover, including the name’s earliest coat of arms. We also have Irish name histories and Scottish clan histories available. Just enter the desired name in our search box to find out if we have the name’s history!


great gift for the men in your life

Coat of arms scrolls make perfect gifts and are hand-finished


Shields make a bespoke gift

We have a wide variety of shields and wall plaques available, which are created in different styles to suit your needs. These would make superb, personalised gifts for the men in your life. You can read all about our shield artist David here. We have been working with him for many years and he will created bespoke artwork for you that you will not find anywhere else.


Coat of arms shields



We hope that we have given you some ideas about finding great personalised gifts for men. Visit our shop for the full range of products we have that are sure to impress. Don’t forget that we are here to help, and just a phone call away on 01984 632120, if you have any questions.

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