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Are you looking for gift ideas for someone who has everything? Some people are just hard to buy for. But don’t worry because Hall of Names can help! There are always people in your family or circle of friends that seem to have everything they need already.  For instance, we expect you’ve given all the traditional gifts in years gone by: The socks, the chocolates, the perfume or aftershave set, the book. We’ve all been there – wanting to choose something special but not knowing what to give.

Plus, nobody wants to give a present that others have already given or thought of. Without a doubt, finding gift ideas for someone who has everything can be a minefield! As a result, we have created a gift range packed full of ideas to help you. Here are some of our best sellers, plus other ideas to get you started.


Who are you buying for?


This is an obvious question, but it’s a good starting point. Think hard about what the recipient enjoys or likes. Let this be your guiding principle. In general, people often make a critical mistake: They buy gifts for others, which they would like to receive themselves. Alternatively, they make an impulse purchase and later end up regretting the waste of money. Try to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes.

For example, if you know that Dad likes brandy, then consider something connected to this. A personalised brandy glass makes a fabulous gift, and it will be used and treasured for years to come. Not hidden in a box and only retrieved for your visits! Above all, it will be truly appreciated.


Consider your budget.


Again, this sounds obvious, but it is easy to spend far more than you intended. For example, if you are buying for a work colleague, then you are likely to have a different budget than if you were buying a gift for your parent or sibling. Finding gift ideas for someone who has everything, while sticking to a budget is not as hard as it sounds. For instance, when you ‘shop all gifts’ at Hall of Names, you can set your budget. Our useful ‘slider’ allows you to specify how much you want to spend. This handy tool means that you only see personalised gifts that fit your budget. As a result, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. Instead, you will feel confident that you are giving a quality gift, that is also great value.


What makes Hall of Names’ gifts so distinctive?


Each one of our gifts includes the coat of arms relating to your chosen surname. The heraldry is often incredibly beautiful and varies from a simple format to a detailed design. Do have a look at our dictionary of  heraldry meanings, which explains the meanings of the symbols. With more than a million surnames on our database, we often have the name you desire.



Gift ideas

Heraldry symbols and what they mean



When you have confirmed that we have your chosen name, we then replicate it on your selected gift. In some cases, the coat of arms will be replicated in full colour. For example, our glass plaque with wooden stand or pin stand, our mug and keyring set, our bottle stoppers and cufflinks: These are just some gifts where the coat of arms is in full colour. Our crystal is expertly engraved onto the glass as an outline. It is entirely down to personal choice which style of gift you prefer.


How can you make a gift truly personal?


Given that so many shoppers are time-poor, people often think that purchasing a beautiful personalised is time-consuming. We can dispel that myth! Here at Hall of Names, our mission is to provide a quick and simple service from start to finish. Our website does a lot of the work for you. Follow this simple step-by-step guide. In this way, you’ll have your perfect gift in no time!


  1. Enter your desired surname in our ‘family name search’ box, which is on our home page and all other pages of our site. You will find out instantly if we have the associated coat of arms.


  1. Select your gift from our many options. You can narrow your search using the budget tool mentioned above. Plus, you can specify gift by type. For instance, you might want to buy a gift from our selections of prints, or shields. If you are looking for a specific item, then all you need to do is type it into our product search. This is represented by the magnifying glass at the top right of each page.


  1. Add your selected item to your basket, stating the name required.


  1. Many items have extra engraving available. If this is the case, you will have the option of typing your wording into the optional extra engraving box


  1. Finish and pay!


It really is that simple. Above all, your gift is truly unique and special.


Ideas for engraving

It’s hard to know what to engrave on your personalised gift. Don’t worry though! We have thought of some ideas to get you started. Read our blog here which has some great suggestions for engraving. Our site is packed with gift ideas for someone who has everything. We hope you have found this article useful. Have you ever been given an unusual gift? What’s the best present you’ve ever received? Or the worst? We’d love to hear! Visit our shop for some fantastic gift ideas that are sure to impress!


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