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Do you have American family roots in the UK?

Delving into your family tree can be an amazing adventure and it is fascinating to discover your American roots.

Moving around the world was just as common in the time of your ancestors as it is today. Between 1836 and 1914 millions of Europeans migrated to the United States in search of jobs and a better life. Others travelled to Australia and other parts of the world.

You may well have traced your family lineage from the immediate past – perhaps as far as your great grand-parents or a bit further, but there are steps you can take to discover all about your English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry.

Going back down through the generations of your family can yield insights into your background that you had never realised. And it can be great fun!

Irish and Scottish migration to the New World

Many thousands of men, women and children sought cheap passage aboard boats destined for America. They were searching for a new life abroad with greater prospects than life in their homeland.

Crop failure, land and job shortages, and famine meant that many families felt there was simply no choice other than to seek a new life abroad. More than 70% of immigrants arrived through New York city, which became known as ‘The Golden Door’.

Was one of these early immigrants a relation of yours? Do you have American roots? We would love to hear your family stories about your American family roots. Share your special story with us by commenting below.

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