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Heraldry Alphabet. What do the symbols mean? (I-P)

What Do The Heraldic Symbols Mean on a Coat of Arms? The heraldic tradition in the UK is a fascinating topic for the family history enthusiast. The heraldic symbols that feature on coats of arms can give a fascinating insight into the achievements of the bearer. Surname history research may have led you to discover a coat of arms within your own family tree and you may wish to discover more about the symbols used in such heraldry. In this second part on the alphabet of heraldry, we look at the symbolism of some of the images form letters I-P.


Musical instruments can be used as heraldic symbols for festivity and rejoicing


Symbol of knowledge and guardianship


Heraldic symbol of fearlessness in attack


A favourite symbol for seafarers

Naval Crown

Often awarded to distinguished naval commanders

Oak Leaves

Often used as religious symbols of faith and endurance


A symbol of resurrection and immortality

Find out more about the allegorical meanings behind the imagery in your own family’s coat of arms – click here for a full dictionary.

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