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This is your chance to win a personalised print, showing two coats of arms side by side. Take part in our Facebook competition to be in with a chance of winning!


What is the prize?


Each double coat of arms print makes a stunning addition to any home. The heraldry is printed onto high quality parchment-style paper, and features two coats of arms side by side. What’s more your own message appears below the coats of arms. In this way, your personalised print changes from something interesting to a truly unique item.



Double coat of arms scrolls available in four frame styles.

Double coat of arms scrolls available in four frame styles.



What’s more, you can included up to three lines of text. For example, you might want to include the time and date of a wedding, along with the Christian names of the couple, and the place of the wedding. Alternatively, you could use the space to commemorate a special anniversary – the choice is yours! To find out more about the scrolls, click here. To find out more about how we research each coat of arms click here to browse our blog posts.


How to enter


Entering our competition to win a personalised print is so easy. All you need to do is head over to our Facebook page. Then, like and share the competition post, commenting on what the word ‘togetherness’ means to you. We have a fabulous community of friends  on Facebook, so why not join in?! We have had lots of fantastic comments, proving to us what we already know – our customers are a kind, thoughtful and friendly bunch.

For example, here are some of the wonderful comments so far….why not add yours to the conversation?

“Togetherness is something many people will have with their family but for me true togetherness is with that one special person who knows you from the inside out. Something you didn’t truly know you lacked until you found it. A warm cosiness you feel inside, something that makes you more than you could ever be on your own. Together you can take on the world”

“Me, lying in bed surrounded by my pets…”

“Togetherness means sharing all of life’s ups and downs and helping each other through them”

“Support when you’re in a bad place. And wine. Plenty of wine”

“Togetherness for me is putting an old movie on, cook something nice, bottle of wine and get a blanket and cuddle on the sofa”


Good luck and thanks for entering our competition to win a personalised print! We have a wide range of products for all occasions.  Be sure to visit our shop for inspiration!


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