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Why is Family Research So Popular?

Family research has recently seen a surge in popularity, and those interested in their own history and background are utilising a wide range of resources to create their own family tree. Enthusiasts enjoy discovering that their own ancestors may have had their own coat of arms. Genealogy has never been more popular. But what has sparked the interest in the last few years?

The internet has made family research easier than ever before. As such, there is now a wealth of online information available through websites with comprehensive databases of historical records, including birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as military and nursing records. Census records that were once held ‘under lock and key’ are now readily available at the touch of a button. It is often the case that a surname can simply be typed into a box, and historical records of that person can be discovered. You can usually order official documents (for a fee). These help the researcher to build a picture of his or her ancestors, and where they fit into the picture. Combined with the census records and historical records from other sources, these can build a picture of entire family backgrounds.

Television programmes about genealogy, featuring celebrities researching their own family roots, have helped to spark interest too. In turn, this has led to a wealth of specialist magazines, giving tips and advice to the family history enthusiast.

So the internet, television and magazines all have their part to play in the growing interest in family history research and the popularity of genealogy in general. Why not start your own investigations by researching your family’s surname history and coat of arms today? Who knows what, or who, you will discover?!

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