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The Coat of Arms of the Duchess of Cambridge

As one of the most famous, most photographed women in the world, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s public appeal is international. She bears the coat of arms of her husband Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, along with those of her father, Michael Middleton. The unique design shows that she is the wife of the former, and the daughter of the latter. The coat of arms is rich with traditional symbolism. It includes the coat of arms that was specifically the design for the Middleton family. This was designed in advance of the Royal wedding in 2012.

The Middleton family worked closely throughout the design process on the coat of arms for the Duchess of Cambridge, to create highly personalised heraldry unique to the family and full of symbolism:

The symbol of the three acorns represents the Middletons’ three children. This is the choice because of the proliferation of oak trees in the area of West Berkshire, This is of course the area that Catherine grew up. It is also a known symbol of England and strength. The symbol of the gold chevron represents the family name of Catherine’s mother, Goldsmith. The two thinner chevrons represent hills and mountains, and the family’s enjoyment of outdoor pursuits. The colours of red and blue were their choice because of their symbolic reference to the United Kingdom.

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