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Canterbury Tales – Success With Coats of Arms!

As one of Kent’s most loved visitor attractions, Canterbury Tales is at the forefront of offering a top visitor experience, where people can discover more about Chaucer’s famous tales of medieval misadventure. Recently the Hall of Names system was installed. Thus enabling the sales team to print coats of arms and surname histories to order for all visitors.

General Manager Lyndsay Ridley could not be happier with the outcome. “The biggest thing for us is that surname searches have become an extension of our visitors’ experience. My team members love to show people how to search for their surname and discover fascinating facts about its history”.

Why not make a trip to Canterbury Tales part of your day next time you are visiting Kent? Ken says “It is always delightful to meet new visitors. It is always great to show them around and help them find out more about the sights, smells and sounds of medieval England”.

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