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Cap with Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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This white cap is personalised with the coat of arms / family crest for your chosen surname. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for family member or friend.


Have you ever seen one of these? A coat of arms / family crest cap makes a real statement of pride in the family name. We have more than a million surname on our database and can usually find the name you’re looking for. To search for the name and coat of arms / family crest you are interested in, please use the search box at the top of this page.

Each coat of arms / family crest cap is white with the coat of arms printed in full colour on the front, above the peak. This is a great purchase for yourself or a friend / family member and is sure to be a real talking point.

Peaked baseball cap
Made from high quality polyester
The hats are adjustable with velcro at the back

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Family crests and coats of arms

Family crests and coats of arms have been used for centuries as a way to distinguish one family from another. These symbols were typically displayed on shields, banners, and other emblems to represent a family’s identity and lineage. Today you can proudly display the coat of arms / family crest relating to your chosen name on a cap! A family crest usually consists of a shield, helmet, and crest. While a coat of arms includes additional elements such as supporters, a motto, and other decorative elements. These symbols often passed down through generations and were considered a source of pride and honour. Today, family crests and coats of arms are still used by some families, but they are less common than in the past. Nonetheless, they remain a fascinating part of history and an important reminder of the importance of family heritage.



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