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Coat of Arms Template – FREE!

Would you like to design your very own shield with images that represent you and your life and achievements? Well, just for fun, we’ve created a coat of arms template, which you can download for free! We have included a few hints and tips, so this could be helpful for school children who are decorating their own coat of arms template. Read on for some helpful tips to get you started.



Heraldic images

If you’d like to use some traditional images from heraldry, then take a look at our online dictionary of symbols. You’re sure to find lots of inspiration! For example, did you know that an acorn signifies independence and that the oak leaf is a religious symbol of faith? In fact, it’s got its own entire language, so if you’d like to find out more, we have lots of blog posts about heraldry. If you find something you think represents you well, add it to your coat of arms template.



coat of arms template

What will you design on your coat of arms template?

Unique images

Maybe you’d like to create your own symbolism or show images of your own imagination? For example, you could make up a creature or draw a picture of your own home of family. Remember it is just for fun so use your imagination! If you are a child designing your coat of arms template and you need help, you could ask a friend to help with ideas, or talk to a teacher or perhaps someone in your family.


Children can ask for help with their ideas and designs


What is a coat of arms?

It is a special symbol that people used to use a long time ago to represent their family. Even as far back in time as the 1100s! It’s like a special logo that shows the family’s coat of arms, where they came from and what they were important for.

A coat of arms has a shield with different pictures and colours on it. These might represent things like the type of work their family did, where they lived, or even something special about their family’s history. It’s a bit like having a special flag or badge that shows everyone who you are and where you come from. This could be especially important on the battlefield.

Our coat of arms template is just for fun. If you wanted to have your own real coat of arms you have to be awarded it or inherit it from a member of your family. The ones we use with our surname history scrolls are the earliest known coat of arms relating to a bearer of the name.


What elements should you include on your coat of arms template?


coat of arms template

Designing a coat of arms can be imaginative and fun!


Shield: This is the central and most prominent feature of a coat of arms. It is usually shaped like a shield and serves as the background for the other elements. Our coat of arms template has a traditional shape and for artwork purposes, we have divided it into four sections.

Charges: These are the symbols or images that are placed on the shield. Charges can be anything from animals, plants, and weapons to abstract shapes and patterns. This is where you can be really creative!

Crest: This is the design that sits on top of the shield. It usually consists of an animal, bird, or other creature, and often represents the family’s values or accomplishments. What will you choose?

Supporters: These are the figures or animals that are positioned on either side of the shield to hold it up. Supporters are usually animals that are significant to the family or the region. Lions and unicorns often feature prominently. What will you put on your coat of arms template?

Motto: This is a short phrase or saying that appears on a ribbon or scroll below the shield. The motto often expresses the values, beliefs, or aspirations of the family or organisation. You could even translate your motto into another language.


Your colour choice

Did you know that colours in heraldry also contain meaning? Here is a helpful list in case you’d like to think about this when completing your coat of arms template. Plus, we have also included the ‘heraldic name’ of the colour. Of course, you don’t have to stick to these colours or include them for meaning, these are just ideas.


coat of arms template guide

Time to add some colour to your coat of arms template


Red (Gules) = Military fortitude and magnanimity

Blue (Azure) =Loyalty and truth

Black (Sable) =Constancy, and sometimes grief

Green (Vert) = Hope, joy and sometimes loyalty in love

Purple (Purpure) Royal majesty, sovereignty and justice

Gold (Or) Worthy ambition

Silver (Argent) Peace and sincerity

You could colour in your coat of arms template with pencils, crayons, pens, paints or chalks – it is totally up to you. Bright and bold colours often stand out more.


Time to begin!

Now you’ve got your coat of arms template, it’s time for the fun part. Decide which ‘charges’ you feel best describe you or your interests and put these on the shield. Add a helmet on top of the shield with a crest attached to the top of it. Decide on your motto and which colours you’ll use for the whole thing. And don’t forget to add your supporters at each side.

We’d love to see your designs!

Click on the link to download your Coat of Arms Template.


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