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Personalised wording now available on a surname history scroll!



We are excited to tell you that you can now add your own personalised wording to a surname history scroll! These gorgeous prints are already a wonderful personalised gift, but now you can make it even more bespoke by adding your own wording to the final section.


How to add your personalised wording



When you have looked for the name you’d like (using our name search box), you can opt to have extra personalised wording added. This is so you can specifically include details about the recipient or family member you’d like to be included. So for example, you could include a full name and date of birth, alongside any information you think is notable and important. Perhaps this could be worthy achievements or affiliation to a club or society. Essentially, it’s anything you feel is relevant. In this way, your scroll will become truly unique.




Personalised wording on a surname history scroll.

What is a coat of arms?


A typical coat of arms consists of several key elements and each of our surname history scrolls has the earliest-known heraldry relating to the chosen name.


  1. Shield: The central component of the coat of arms, often featuring a distinctive shape and divided into sections called where various symbols and colours are displayed. (To see what the images represent, see our dictionary of heraldry symbols).
  2. Charges: These are the symbols, figures, or images that adorn the shield. They can include animals, plants, objects, or abstract designs, each carrying symbolic meaning or representing aspects of the bearer’s identity, such as their profession, achievements, or values.
  3. Crest: Positioned above the shield, the crest is a decorative element often consisting of a helmet, wreath, and additional symbols or figures. The crest serves to further personalise the coat of arms and may reflect the bearer’s rank, status, or accomplishments.
  4. Helmet: a symbolic representation of the bearer’s social standing or military rank. The style of the helmet can vary depending on the traditions and customs associated with heraldry.
  5. Mantling: Draped from either side of the helmet, mantling consists of decorative fabric or foliage that adds visual appeal to the coat of arms. It serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose, originally designed to protect the bearer’s head from the sun and weather. Our Hall of Names mantling enhances the main coat of arms.
  6. Motto: Sometimes included on a scroll beneath the shield, a motto is a brief phrase or motto that encapsulates the bearer’s values, beliefs, or aspirations. Mottos are often written in Latin and serve as a guiding principle for the individual or family. If the motto is not in English, our surname history scrolls show the translation.


Coats of arms are highly symbolic and were traditionally passed down through generations, with slight modifications made to reflect marriages, alliances, or significant events in the family’s history. Today, coats of arms continue to be used as symbols of identity and pride, often displayed on family crests, signage, and official documents. That’s why our surname history scrolls with coats of arms are our most popular gift! And now you can add your own personalised wording, it’s an even more special gift.




Click to order a coat of arms and surname history scroll

Click to order a coat of arms and surname history scroll.

What information is on a surname history scroll?


The Coat of Arms and Surname History is our most popular product, and we have more than a million surnames available! Everyone likes to discover the story of their own name. We print the Coat of Arms and Surname History onto a high-quality A3 parchment scroll and your personalised wording appears at the end.

A full colour rendition of the name’s earliest coat of arms features at the top of the scroll which also includes a lengthy history of the surname. The coat of arms is the oldest one we have on record for the surname.  It includes the motto (if there is one), family crest, shield and surname.  If there is a motto, this is usually in Latin and at the bottom of the scroll you will find a translation of it.

With attention to detail, the surname history is extensively researched and includes fascinating facts and intriguing details about your chosen surname. You’ll discover the origin of the name, plus spelling variations.  It also includes the early movements of the family, lands owned by the family and first migrants to the New World.

It also includes notable bearers of the name from past and present.  Find out also if any passengers with your surname were on board the fated ‘Titanic’.  Were any of your ancestors were sent as convicts to Australia?! This is where you can include your own extra wording to include someone important to you. It can even be just for fun and makes an exceptional gift.


Does it cost to add personalised wording?


As you might expect, there is a small charge incurred by adding the extra personalised wording. However, we have kept it to a minimum because we know this is something that customers will love, and we want to keep it affordable. So yes, while there is a small financial difference, we hope you agree it’ll be worthwhile when you see the recipient reading it!


How to order your surname history scroll with personalised wording.


Click here to visit our range of scrolls and you’ll be able to add your personalised wording before checkout. We hope to help you with your purchase!




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