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Heraldry today

The term heraldry today often necessitates many people to check their dictionary for the meaning, but evidence of heraldic art is everywhere today. If one takes a moment to reflect many of the coats of arms or heraldic shields seen in the normal course of a day, it becomes quite astounding.

The obvious national coat of arms on the Royal Standard usually comes to mind first. But on closer inspection, most schools, colleges and universities, cities or towns, military groups or police forces, corporations and even many pubs use coats of arms today as a proud symbol of their heritage and comradeship.

The world of sport is another example of modern heraldry at its best. Indeed, most football clubs, leagues, associations or groups having an heraldic design as their emblem.

In fact, purists believe that most logos or emblems are simply a hybrid of ancient heraldic seals or emblazons.

The world of law is steeped in the tradition of heraldry. Today, most legal documents still require you to affix a red seal. This tradition dates back to medieval times when the knight’s seal is used with sealing wax. This was to ensure a document was legitimate and bona fide. In short, heraldry is very much a part of our lives today. Whether it appears in it’s most conventional art form, or as an emblem or corporate design.

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