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Are you considering purchasing a heraldic shield with your coat of arms? It’s a brilliant idea and one that will be treasured by the recipient. Let’s look at your options for a coat of arms shield.

On each of our heraldic shields, colours are reproduced to true heraldic standards by our artist David. He has more than 40 years’ experience in the field, and you can read about his heraldic art here. He will ensure that your gift is not only beautiful to look at, but durable to ensure it looks great for years.


Hardwood coat of arms shield


The hardwood coat of arms shield is our most popular coat of arms shield. It has a hardwood-style backing which has a rich, mahogany colour to complement any setting. The embossed copper backing is painted with hard-wearing, quality enamel paints. The copper is then mounted onto your hardwood backing. These are available in a small size, with a flat top. Alternatively, there is a medium size with a curved top, or a large size, which also has a curved top, but larger copper template. Plus, the hardwood coat of arms shield also has options of medium and large for double shields. These are perfect for a couple and the two coats of arms appear side by side.



Double coat of arms shield

double coat of arms wall plaque



Oak-style coat of arms heraldic shield


Available in the same sizes as the hardwood shield, the oak-style heraldic shield has a backing which is lighter in colour. The backing choice is entirely down to personal taste, and each option looks great when displayed at home. Alternatively, it can be a super gift to display in an office. As above, the oak coat of arms shield is available as a double in medium and large sizes. A fantastic gift for a couple, which will also be enjoyed for years to come.


single coat of arms oak shield

single coat of arms oak shield



Plaques for organisations


If you are part of a society, group, club, organisation or in the military, then these commemorative plaques are a perfect choice. They are available to bulk-purchase, and the price per shield descends, depending on the quantity ordered. The process is slightly different than the coat of arms shield, because the image is screen printed. This allows us to replicate your artwork very precisely. These plaques are a great memento of your membership. They are also great for leaders to give to new joiners / leavers.



Commemorative Plaques

Commemorative Plaques



Hand-carved coat of arms shield


This luxury hand-carved shield is crafted to create a stunning piece of original artwork for the home. As stated above, our in-house artist David is an industry expert. He hand-carves and then mounts the individual elements of your chosen coat of arms onto a quality oak-veneer plaque. In addition to this, you also have the option to add a weatherproof seal to the plaque and this will make it suitable for outdoor use. Thereby, it can be used at the door or maybe in the garden. This excellent piece is a testament to true craftsmanship which you can treasure and cherish for a lifetime.


Hand Carved Coat of Arms Shield

Hand Carved Coat of Arms Shield



Bespoke shields


We create the stunning bespoke coat of arms shield in our in-house studio. Our artist David will create your hand-painted coat of arms shield with passion, skill and expertise.  He uses quality colour enamel paints and makes the heraldic shield from tempered steel before he hand-paints it. We can work to your own design or with a coat of arms from our vast database.  We also provide you with a proof before we commence the artwork itself so that you can be assured of the final design. In this way, we can meet your exact requirements.  Each of our bespoke shields is a truly exceptional piece that you can hand down through generations!


heraldic shield

bespoke heraldic shield



Would you like us to create something truly special for a friend or a loved one? Click to view our range online, or give us a call for a friendly chat. Our number is 01984 632120 and we would be happy to help with your specific requirements.



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