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Are you thinking about purchasing a coat of arms gift this Christmas? You’re in the right place! Hall of Names are the recognised specialists in coats of arms and surname history gifts. Our website is jam-packed with ideas for you to browse. Let us help you find your ideal coat of arms gift. In this article, we look at the various options available to you. Plus, we explain how we source the heraldry and who creates our gifts. Read our short guide to coat of arms gifts below and select the personalised gift that best suits your needs.


Does everyone have a coat of arms?


The coats of arms on our database are the earliest known for a bearer of the surname. As a result, it is entirely possible that you will see others. These are usually later coats of arms that have been adapted for individuals through the ages. Our database has more than a million surnames and their associated coats of arms. In some cases, our researchers find more than one option available. For example, you may have the choice of Scottish or English. You will be able to read a brief excerpt of the surname history, along with a description of the coat of arms. We have a very useful blog article you might like to read: ‘Does my family name have a coat of arms?’


Choose a gift with a difference


At Christmas, it is easy to fall into the trap of making an impulse buy or selecting a gift that others will have thought of. Another common mistake is to buy the same persona a similar gift year-in year-out.  If this is you, then they will know what you have bought before they open it! Our coat of arms gift selection is second to none. We have such a wide variety that you are sure to find something to suit. For example, from our homepage, you can navigate the following sections:


Prints and scrolls

These include Surname history prints, Clan histories, Irish histories and more. Each is packed with intriguing details about the name such as early origins, spelling variations, even convicts sent to the new world or passengers on the Titanic. The paper is thick parchment style, and the relevant coat of arms appears at the top. Each print is completed with attractive border graphics in full colour, relating to the country of origin. We offer a framing service too, so your gift is professionally finished.


Crystal and glass

We have a fantastic selection of crystal for you to choose from, in three different ranges, Mayfair, Verona and Blenheim. Each is expertly engraved with the coat of arms relating to your chosen surname.



Shields and plaques


Our shields and plaques are some of our most popular gifts. Many of them are hand-painted by our expert heraldic artist David. He has more than forty years’ experience and creates lovely bespoke works of art. In this way, you get a stunning and truly personal gift. Read all about David here.


Other gifts


Whether you are seeking a hip flask or a candle, you will find a coat of arms gift to suit your needs. Many of our items can also be engraved with your personalised message. Therefore, you create a gift that is entirely unique.


Is it easy to order?


It could not be easier to order a coat of arms gift. You simply check that we have your chosen name on our database by entering it into the family name search box. Then choose your gift, including the surname required. Don’t forget to make sure you add your optional extra engraving. We will do the rest!



If you are looking for a coat of arms gift, then hopefully we have given you some inspiration. Our shop has a wide range of gifts that are suitable for all occasions.  Have you given or received a coat of arms gift in the past? If so, what did you or the recipient think of it? Would you recommend it to others? Don’t forget, you can always read reviews of gifts on our Facebook page.




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