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Colours in coats of arms and heraldry play an important role. If you purchase surname history print from us you will enjoy seeing the earliest coat of arms associated with a bearer of your name as well as the history. But did you know that each colour has a deeper meaning and significance?

It’s important to realise that there are only seven colours in heraldry. Have a look the list below to discover more about the heraldic colours, with the term used to describe them, and their symbolic meanings.

Red (Gules) = Military fortitude and magnanimity

Blue (Azure) =Loyalty and truth

Black (Sable) =Constancy, and sometimes grief

Green (Vert) = Hope, joy and sometimes loyalty in love

Purple (Purpure) Royal majesty, sovereignty and justice

Gold (Or) Worthy ambition

Silver (Argent) Peace and sincerity

What does the earliest coat of arms for your surname reveal?

It may also be of interest to you to to read more about the symbolism in heraldry. Why not check out our free online dictionary, which tells you what the various symbols mean.

If you are interested in establishing a coat of arms specific to you or even your organisation, read more about how you can petition for a coat of arms here. What does the colours in coats of arms and heraldry for your name signify?

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