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Personalised Book Gift: The Book About You

from: £24.99

This personalised book gift is jam-packed with fascinating details all about the birth date of the recipient. In this way, it’s the perfect choice for a memorable gift to enjoy for years to come.



Are you looking for an amazing gift that celebrates someone special in your life? This personalised book gift definitely fits the bill, because it’s all about them! In fact, this fantastic memento gift is a truly special reminder of key facts relating to the recipient’s birth date.


What’s included in the personalised book gift?


Without a doubt, this is certainly a fun and interesting gift and includes so many interesting and relevant details. We use the recipient’s name and date of birth to create this fascinating personalised book of facts. Plus, each fact is unique to the recipient’s birthday. (To discover more about the surname itself, click here). The name and date of birth are embossed on the cover, and in addition the opening page includes a personal message just from you. In this way, you can create a lasting and personal gift that they will surely cherish. And as a result of your personal message, they will always remember it’s from you!


From popular dishes of the day, to the number one album of the time. From top films to political milestones. Give this wonderful personalised book as a gift because they will surely love it!


Creating a beautiful personalised gift book has never been easier! A perfect gift for milestones in someone’s life. For instance, birthdays, Christmas, graduation and anniversaries. There are 60 pages in this book, which is dedicated to the recipient. Each booked is packed with intriguing facts to surprise and delight. The name appears on the cover and each personalised book gift comes in a choice of blue and orange, plus there are options of softback and hardback covers. What’s more, all hardback editions are presented inside a FREE special gift box, which is £5 RRP for softback editions.


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  • Options of blue or orange, hardback or softback
  • FREE gift box with every hardback edition
  • Packed with fascinating details
  • An ideal gift for all special occasions


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