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  • personalised coat of arms cushion
  • Personalised Coat of Arms Cushion
  • Personalised Coat of Arms Cushion
  • personalised coat of arms cushion



Sumptuous and cosy, this gorgeous coat of arms cushion is the perfect complement to any home.

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A quality hand-made personalised coat of arms cushion, made in the UK and with a quality polyester filling.  Made from the finest calico, the cover can be zipped down one side for easy removal so that it can be easily washed. Not only is this great for your bed or sofa it is also a perfect gift for any occasion. Put onto the cushion is your chosen coat of arms.  Besides being a really fabulous gift idea for all occasions, this is also a great statement piece for the family home.


  • A unique gift for the home
  • Stylish and personal
  • Fabulous gift idea
  • Personalised with the coat of arms of your choice
  • A real statement for the sofa!
  • Dimensions: 34cm x 25cm

Delivery: 5-7 working days


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