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Are you considering purchasing commemorative plaques to represent your club, society, regiment or organisation? In this article, we explain what makes our plaques unique, and how we could help you with your own bespoke commission. These items are available to purchase in volumes of 20 or more, which means that each individual plaque is excellent value for money. (See choices here).

Our heraldic artist David is based in Surrey and has undertaken Hall of Names’ commissions for many years now. He has more than forty years’ experience in heraldic art, and we know that his work is exemplary, which is why we get so many lovely comments from our satisfied customers.

Our plaques are carefully created and mounted for you specifically to suit your individual requirements. We work closely with you to ensure that the artwork, shield style and size, wood colour and finish are all perfect, ensuring that you get a quality product as a memorial to your association that will last for years to come. Each plaque comes with fixings to allow wall-mounting, so it is ready to enjoy straight away. Each shield is boxed, and measures 180cm x 150cm with your choice of mahogany-style or oak-style backing.

You might think such attention to detail comes at considerable cost, but we can reassure you that although our stunning bespoke plaques are tailor-made just for you, they represent excellent value for money too.


The process

Each plaque is for indoor-use and created using a silk-screen process. This allows superb clarity of detail, so that we can intricately reproduce the individual components of your artwork. The colours are carefully matched to your specific artistic requirements, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. This process also means that plaques can be produced for you in large quantities if required, with consistency of quality.

Here are just a few of the types of commission that David has undertaken.


Regimental plaques

David has undertaken work on a wide variety of military commissions. For example, individuals may wish to mark their retirement from the armed forces, with a special plaque displaying the artwork for the regiment. “Regimental artwork is something I have undertaken on many occasions, and the plaques continue to be popular with the military, for understandable reasons”. Military plaques are the perfect memento for new recruits or for those leaving the armed forces and wanting a personalised commemorative item.



Societies often have their own unique artwork, and David can accurately represent this on a beautiful plaque. For example, you can give new members a truly bespoke token of their affiliation to the society. It pleases us to be able to offer a lovely product that represents affiliation to a society in pictorial form. David explains “I work with a wide variety of societies and have for many years. There are some really unusual ones out there. So there is a huge diversity in the types of artwork I commission to undertake”.


Companies / Organisations / Associations

David explains about some of his work in this field: “Many organisations and associations have their own special insignia, which they like to reproduce on a special commemorative plaque for each member – I ensure that the artwork accurately represents the specific requirements of the particular organisation. Many companies and organisations place an annual order, so that they always have enough in stock, to distribute when required”. By all means, let us know how we could represent your organisation, business or association on a specially-commissioned wall-plaque.



Scholastic plaques have become particularly popular for David in recent years. “I have worked on behalf of music schools, colleges, universities, private schools and many other educational establishments. It’s a pleasure to create plaques that I know people will keep to enjoy and admire for years to come. Most likely it will hand down to the next generation”.

Please do get in touch to find out how we could help you create beautiful artwork to represent your establishment. They are ideal to give to graduating students of scholars. In addition, they also make great awards. Consequently, this is why many establishments place an annual order with us.



David undertakes large volumes of work for clubs: He says “They often have great imagery, and it’s nice to be able to provide all sorts of clubs with their annual order of commemorative, personalised plaques”.  To date, David has completed regular work for all sorts of clubs including sporting organisations. Do you want to find out more about creating a stunning commemorative plaque for your club? Let us know how we can help!


Want to find out more about David? Read our other blog article about him here. Be sure to have a look at options or of course, order a plaque, click here 

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