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There are a few key criteria which we feel are important for retailers. These broadly fall into two categories of ‘attitude’ and ‘practicalities’.


The points below relate to retailers’ approach, and we feel the following are important to be a successful Hall of Names retailer.

  1. The true desire to put the customer first
  2. The willingness to interact with customers with a friendly approach – our most successful retailers are real ‘people people’!
  3. The ability to think ‘outside the box’ in terms of what you offer customers
  4. The desire to stay up to date with current market trends
  5. Commitment to making it work. If approached properly, you’ll never look back!


These points relate to the nuts and bolts of the business and what you need in terms of setting and staffing.

  1. Space: Hall of Names works best with a nice, well-lit space, so if your shop or retail area is small and cramped, Hall of Names will not be for you. However, given sufficient space, and with the right approach, Hall of Names will likely be your most profitable product
  2. Enough staff to be on hand to help customers. While we do have many successful sole traders at events and shows, this approach doesn’t work so well in a physical shop. Why? Because Hall of Names requires a staff member to show customers their surnames on a screen. So, if you are on your own in a shop and have other customers, you’ll likely miss a sale. Plus, your Hall of Names customer might leave the shop feeling ignored – no-one wants that!

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