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Balmoral Castle

The mere mention of the name Balmoral Castle conjures images of royal history. It is set against the backdrop of the magnificent Scottish Highlands. Scottish residence of Her Majesty the Queen, it plays host to thousands of visitors each year, keen to discover more of the Castle’s fascinating history.

Described by Queen Victoria as her ‘dear paradise’, visitors to this jewel in Scotland’s crown leave feeling the same way. Purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852, it was subsequently considered too small for the needs of the Royal family. Therefore, a new building was designed under the supervision of Prince Albert.

New Build

Using granite from the nearby quarries of Glen Gelder, the new building was complete. On Queen Victoria’s death, Balmoral passed to Edward VII. And then, successive generations of monarchs, all of whom have left their own mark on the castle and its gardens.

For example, the Duke of Edinburgh has designed a kitchen garden, which is harvested between the months of August and October. This is when the Royal family have their summer holiday.

What will you see on your visit?

Visitors to Balmoral Castle will discover glasshouses, formal gardens, a conservatory with flowering pot plants, a water garden. There is also a collection of assorted monuments and cairns, which celebrate significant moments in the life of the Royal Family.

Set amongst breathtaking scenery, the estate comprises a wealth of diverse landscapes. From the manicured parkland and gardens in front of the Castle to the old Caledonian Pine Forest. This is of particular note because it is one of the country’s most important habitats and home to the elusive capercaillie.

Fine art

Safari tours allow visitors to explore the fascinating environs of Balmoral Castle. This allows visitors to understand why this most famous of Scottish Castles is so beloved by our Queen. In the Castle itself, visitors are able to view the Ballroom, which is the largest room in the Castle.

It is in use for a number of formal occasions when Her Majesty is in residence. This is a rare opportunity to see many original pieces of fine art and treasures which normally reside within the private rooms of the Castle.

Further information

If you would like to visit Balmoral Castle, click here to visit the Castle’s informative website. Have you already visited? Please tell us about the most interesting part of your visit!

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