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Planning a Clan Gathering?

Have you ever thought about organising a Family or Clan Gathering? The task can seem a daunting one, but here at Hall of Names, we regularly speak to experts that can help.

In this article, Mary Kelly of the Kelly Clan Association shares her tips for organising a clan gathering, to bring together worldwide members of a family or clan.

The Kelly Clan have been holding gatherings since 1993 when the first one took place in Co Tipperary. Since then the Clan have held bi-annual gatherings throughout Ireland, attracting people worldwide.

Who creates and paints our coat of arms shields?

Introducing our shield artist David Barker.

Ever wondered how our hand-painted shields are produced? Each unique coat of arms shield is created to order and painstakingly recreated in specialist enamel paint.

Here, we introduce the man behind the beautiful work! Our artist David Barker has worked in heraldry for decades, and has a wealth of expertise that comes from years of practice.

Discover how you can begin your family research.

Delving into your family tree can be an amazing adventure and it is fascinating to discover your family roots.

Moving around the world was just as common in the time of your ancestors as it is today, and between 1836 and 1914 millions of Europeans migrated to the United States in search of jobs and a better life. Others travelled to Australia and other parts of the world.

Tips from a professional genealogist.

Using a professional genealogist to help with your family research.

6 best websites for tracing your Welsh ancestors like Greg Davies

Our friends at Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine have kindly provided the following article, with great tips and links on tracing your Welsh ancestry. To discover more on how to trace your own family’s history, why not visit the Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine website here. We also have An EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER - £5 issue for just £5.

Creative ways to address to unique issues faced by retailers in historic attractions

In an increasingly competitive environment, heritage retailers face challenges that are unique to the sector. There are many problems faced by retailers in historic attractions and this article addresses how some have found inventive ways to have overcome them.

Tracing your Irish roots

At Hall of Names, we have many visitors to our website, hoping to discover more about their Celtic roots and the meaning and history of their Irish name.

Our database has over a million surname histories, including many thousands of Irish surnames and 'sept histories'.

The do's and don't of retail in the heritage sector

Every retailer wants to ensure that their space is working as well as it can, and nowhere is this more important than in the heritage sector, where product choice is not just about profit and loss, but about ensuring the long-term viability of an historic site.

The significance of colour in coats of arms and heraldry

Have you recently purchased a coat of arms and surname history print from us? Hopefully you will have enjoyed seeing the earliest coat of arms associated with a bearer of your name. But did you know that each colour has a deeper meaning and significance?

There are only seven colours in heraldry. Have a look the list below to discover more about the heraldic colours, with the term used to describe them, and their symbolic meanings.

Red (Gules) = Military fortitude and magnanimity

Artistic interpretation in heraldry and coats of arms

The heraldic artist has a formidable challenge. He or she may enjoy considerable freedom within certain limits, but there are objects within a coat of arms that may not be altered.

For example, the crest, the colors on the coat of arms, and the symmetry may not be changed. Unfortunately, attempts by layman and even some commercial graphic artists often result in some classic mistakes or incongruities within the coat of arms.

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