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  • World War 2 Newspaper Book
  • World War 2 Newspaper Book
  • World War 2 Newspaper Book
  • World War 2 Newspaper Book
  • World War 2 Newspaper Book
  • World War 2 Newspaper Book
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WW2 Newspaper Book

from: £44.99

This WW2 Newspaper Book is a fascinating insight into this epic event in 20th century history.



Capture the story and events surrounding the Second World War, as reported and as they happened, in this WW2 Newspaper Book.


What’s in the WW2 Newspaper Book?


This special book is a great gift for a family member or perhaps a veteran or alternatively a military historian. Inside, you’ll discover an insightful and unique review of this epic event in 20th century history. The WW2 Newspaper Book starts on September 2nd 1939 with the invasion of Poland and ends with the surrender of Japan in 1945. You will read about all the major battles and engagements as witnessed by reporter. Furthermore, you’ll be able to view events from the perspective of those living through those traumatic times. (If you are interested in a particular surname, you might like our surname history print, so click here to find out more.)


Personalised to make a special gift


Your WW2 Newspaper Book contains the scans from original newspapers. They are bound in your choice of either premium green leatherette, or luxury black hard back leather, with a gold embossed cover. Even more, you can personalise the book on the inside with your own special message. For example, you could include a message that relates to a particular date or special occasion. Plus, you can even add a name to the front cover (optional), which ensures that the book is an incredibly special token. Consequently, this WW2 Newspaper Book is a gift that will be treasured for years to come! Size 380X310mm.


  • Ideal gift for anyone interested in WW2, from example veterans, family or military historians.
  • Choice of green leatherette or black leather cover
  • Personalised with a name on the front cover
  • Add your own message inside


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