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Desk clock


What better way to tell the time than with this stunning clock, personalised with a coat of arms of your choice?


This beautiful coat of arms desk clock is presented in a luxury, mahogany-style box, with a high-gloss finish. Each clock has traditional roman numerals on a pristine white dial, surrounded by solid brass edging. Carefully engraved onto a circular brass disk, the coat of arms is on display so that when you lift the lid of the box you are able to view the coat of arms. In addition to this, your chosen coat of arms also appears in full colour on the lid of the box as well as on the clock itself. Included with the coat of arms is the motto (if there is one), the family crest, shield and surname. Impress your loved one with a personal and timeless classic.

  • A stunning timepiece
  • Engraved with the coat of arms of your choice.
  • Makes an exceptional, unique gift
  • Stylish for the home or office
  • Dimensions: Clock face: 5.5cm including brass edging, presentation box: 7.8cm x 7.8cm x 4cm

Delivery: 5-7 working days.


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