Discover the history behind your family name:
  • coat of arms and surname history
  • Coat of Arms and Surname History in an Oak Frame
  • Coat of Arms and Surname History in a Gold Frame
  • Coat of Arms and Surname History in a Dark Frame
  • Coat of Arms and Surname History in a Dark Frame
  • coat of arms and surname history
  • Coat of Arms and Surname History in a Dark Frame
  • coat of arms and surname history

Coat of Arms and Surname History Print

from: £24.99

Discover the fascinating origins of your surname and its earliest-known coat of arms, with this beautiful printed scroll.



The Coat of Arms and Surname History is our most popular product, and we have more than a million surnames available! Everyone likes to discover the story of their own name. We print the Coat of Arms and Surname History onto a high-quality A3 parchment scroll.

A full colour rendition of the name’s earliest coat of arms features at the top of the scroll which also includes a lengthy history of the surname. The coat of arms is the oldest one we have on record for the surname.  It includes the motto (if there is one), family crest, shield and surname.  If there is a motto, this is usually in Latin and at the bottom of the scroll you will find a translation of it.

With attention to detail, the surname history is extensively researched and includes fascinating facts and intriguing details about your chosen surname. You’ll discover the origin of the name, plus spelling variations.  It also includes the early movements of the family, lands owned by the family and first migrants to the New World.

It also includes notable bearers of the name from past and present.  Find out also if any passengers with your surname were on board the fated “Titanic”.  Were any of your ancestors were sent as convicts to Australia?!

Beautiful border graphics complement the coat of arms and relate to the name’s country of origin. Each surname history scroll comes with an individual certificate number and a gold seal.  In addition, a bibliography of sources used in the research is in print on the reverse. These are a real talking point, and the perfect gift or keepsake to celebrate a family name.

Key Points:
  • The ultimate personalised gift – a real talking point!
  • Features the earliest coat of arms relating to the name
  • Discover all about the name’s history
  • Available unframed or framed and ready to hang on the wall
  • FREE UK Delivery

Delivery: 3-5 working days.

140 reviews for Coat of Arms and Surname History Print

  1. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Great service, fast and professional.

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Jo Laver

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback and glad you were pleased. Look forward to hopefully helping you again! Jo

  2. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Stephen Davies

    Excellent service and good quality product

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Jo Laver

      Hi Stephen, Thanks so much for your kind comment – we love to hear from customers and are thrilled you are happy! Jo

  3. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Tanya Juttla-Underwood.

    Thanks you so much you do amazing work so professional.

  4. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    We visited your shop attached to Pembroke Castle. The young lady who guided us through the process was brilliant and so knowledgeable. We bought 3 names with her and when we got home I purchased 2 duplicate sets to send to my daughters.

  5. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Sarah T.

    Very well presented. Detailed background knowledge. Overall very happy with the final product. I’ve bought the surname history print twice now for gifts and I’ll be buying more in the future. The communication from Jo was great.

  6. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    andrea h.

    Speedy delivery and very good product. I bought this for my son for his birthday.

  7. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Safiyya Kazi-Martin

    I purchased this as an anniversary gift to my husband and it was an absolute hit! He was over the moon, we’d seen these at Bristol’s Christmas market but didn’t purchase it at that time and he thought he’d missed the opportunity.

  8. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Beautiful certificate, good quality

  9. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Fantastic! Customised my order and nothing was to much trouble. Very efficient and arrived on time.

  10. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Julie S.

    The whole experience was great product excellent delivered on time we’ll worth a look for Xmas birthday etc 100% use again .

  11. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    darren hutton

    Lovely piece of work. Well made and good quality. Reasonable price too. Thankyou

  12. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Brilliant found out a lot of good info about my surname

  13. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    James Ewens

    This is a high quality product, well made with quality materials and delivered safely and quickly, I would recommend without any hesitation.

  14. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    William Rippin

  15. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Great quality and fast delivery

  16. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Ethan Dooley-Law

  17. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Janet C.

    Exceptional speed of service, and good quality print and framing. I was surprised how quickly it arrived a link to the delivery to track delivery details may have been helpful.

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Jo Laver

      Thank you for your kind words Janet – As an independent business we really do try our best for customers.

  18. Avatar for Richard Dewick



  19. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Very Happy with my purchase will definitely be buying again.

  20. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    shirley sparrow

    So far so good we have not had delivery yet as we live in Australia but have a delivery date of the 17 Jan 2022 with DHL. But very good service out of the U.K. thank you

  21. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Received incorrect Surname

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      Hi Cody – sorry, two orders were mixed up – have contacted you via email. Please check your spam file if you haven’t received it.

  22. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    all good

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      You should have received this Emma. What’s your order number please?

  23. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Excellent service, packaged well. Really hapoy would recommend.

  24. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Anne A.

    Beautifully presented.

  25. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    John Mattioli

    My initial order was not printed straight. My phone call was answered very quickly. The problem was dealt with very swiftly and politely. And a replacement was organised. Which arrived the next day to my surprise. Well done. It is a pleasure to meet a company that prides itself with customer service. And I find the product very pleasing too.

  26. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Caroline Hogarth

    only ordered on the Saturday arrived on the following Tuesday. well impressed and would recommend to everyone

  27. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Ordered one of these a while ago and was happy with the product so I ordered another for family members

  28. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Andrew B.

    Very nice good quality

  29. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Mrs June

  30. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Liz N.

    Beautiful ancestry crest and information! Really pleased with the quick service and a really good quality product 👍. Would highly recommend this company!

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Jo Laver

      Thank you so much for your kind comments Liz.

  31. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Very Happy with purchase and service will definitely order again.

  32. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Got it as a gift – they love it. Good quality print and frame. Very fast

  33. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    LaRae Perry

    It’s beautiful

  34. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Christine Hughes

    The whole process was very quick. I have used them before and will go back again as I complete my research.

  35. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    I’m very pleased with it

  36. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Nakita Cunningham

    I am a huge history buff with my family name and was so excited for my hubby when he started learning more about his fam. We bought this as a gift for him and his family members and could not be more pleased with the result! His family in the last few generations have moved abroad to Isle of Mann and now reside here in New Zealand and when asked if we could add to this piece with extra information it was welcomed with open arms. We have not yet been able to follow through with this due to communications with family trying to sort out details so there are no errors, but this company and all involved are so helpful and super easy to correspond with 🙂 Thank you so much for this piece <3 Highly recommend

  37. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Peter K.

    Very detailed document .Well packed and quick delivery. *****

  38. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    A great gift and brilliantly packaged. Good service too as I had help explaining the meaning of the crest.

  39. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Lynda Ridout

    Beautiful. Well wrapped. Prompt Service. Pleased.

  40. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Kathleen britton

    This was a birthday present for my brother in law and he loved it.

  41. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Helen B.

    I am happy to have the Coat of Arms and history of my original surname after acquiring one on a trip to the UK in my married name that is no longer relevant. I am hopeful that I can have it printed locally on similar scroll type paper but if not, may request a second copy that can be delivered to me in Australia.

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      Hi Helen, yes we deliver to Australia.

  42. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Great service. Comprehensive information. Lovely as a gift. Thank you.

  43. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Quick delivery and very well packaged

  44. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    As promised, my girlfriend lived the gift.

  45. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    This is the 2nd one of these I have purchased. Great as gifts.

  46. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Steve Smitton

    What can I say? Ordered on the Tuesday, delivered the next day. Tremendous service.

  47. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Very helpful and they all look so great Thankyou

  48. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Mandy Saunders

    Excellent product and service

  49. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Robert W.

    Really good customer service, and help with my enquiries.

  50. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Lisa Jones


  51. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Vicky C.

    Very pleased with the scroll. Already recommended to a friend. Even when the delivery company had bent the parcel (which did have “Do not bend” on it!!!) I rang Hall of Names, who were so helpful and sent another out the same day!! Good customer service and product.

  52. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Melanie I.

    Ordered this for my husband for Christmas and expected it to take several weeks. It only took one week, arrived nicely packed and was stunning to look at! Super impressed with the quality and look of this product and would definitely return to purchase something else in the future!

  53. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Karen Moffat

    So beautifully made. I adore them.

  54. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Stephanie H.

    Would definitely recommend. Fast delivery and any problems are sorted out very promptly. I’m so happy with my order. Thankyou

  55. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Absolutely over the moon with my prints! They came so quickly, packaged really well and with a hand written thank you note which was a really lovely touch. I would not hesitate to recommend!

  56. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Susan Meek

    A super gift for my son-in – law. Very interesting reading. Arrived in the post very quickly, impressed with packaging. Gladly recommend the firm.

  57. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Lorraine Ford

    Beautifully presented. Perfect gift. Loads of interesting information. Used before and no doubt will again.

  58. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Excellent service and a beautifully presented framed print.

  59. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    I have bought two family name prints in frames now and I’m delighted,fast delivery well wrapped great servce Thankyou.

  60. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    David Chambers

    Nice quality, quick service, well packed for Posting. Recommended.

  61. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    David Sams

    Very fast delivery , excellent quality product

  62. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Fantastic, beautifully made and presented and delivered on time, ideal gift.

  63. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Perfect Document, I gifted to my girlfriend’s family and they loved it. Perfect product!

  64. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Debra Proctor

    Beautiful…now I’m looking to get a wax seal fob

  65. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Cian Davies

    Brilliant product couldn’t fault it, looks great on my wall and the detail and information given is fantastic, I ordered it one afternoon and it came the next morning! So couldn’t fault the delivery either, would highly recommend.

  66. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Fast and great service ,a brilliant purchase will buy again for another family member

  67. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Beautifully presented and packaged securely, received in good time. Ideal present for my male friend’s Birthday.

  68. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Jane R.

    This was perfect for my son and daughter-in-law in America. Had to do one each. And no problem with an American surname either. Real talking point for their US family and friends. Beautiful layout and vibrant colours.

  69. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Easy to use website and quick delivery. The item is immaculate. Very impressed.

  70. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    william Warburton

    I bought this for my Son who is 50 years of age he was delighted with it and the precise details that it contained.

  71. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Really quick delivery and I love my family crest – it’s in pride of place 😀

  72. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Excellent – great Crest and information. It is the second certificate I have purchased as gifts in different surnames. Recipients absolutely thrilled. I would not hesitate to order another should circumstances arise.

  73. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Andrew King

    It is fantastic. I’m so pleased with it. My girlfriend is going to love it. Thank you very much!

  74. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    David Hetherington

    Re order to be sent to my cousin in Australia. Could you let me know if it has been delivered. Think it is either 8859 or the order below or above this number.

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      Hi David – it was sent on the 17th July by Air Mail. If not there yet, then it should be very shortly but there are delays because of the pandemic. Best wishes.

  75. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Diana Prestwich

    Very efficient, respond quickly to an enquiry, and excellent quality

  76. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Mike McCulloch

    Very comprehensive details on a very classy frame and certificate.

  77. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Penelope Staddon

    Web site easy to use. Despatch and delivery extremely fast. Very pleased with the result.

  78. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Margaret Hathaway

    Just a little disappointed as no reference about Eagle ect on either of coat of arms what do they stand for ect thank you very quick service

  79. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    fantastic service delivered within a couple of days and very happy with the product

  80. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Bryan Wattam

    I am very pleased with this product first class

  81. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Samantha T.

    Great gifts, my partner got me my family’s name coat of arms surname history print on a trip to Warwick castle. I liked it so much I decided to get both my mum’s maiden name and my family’s name ‘coat of arms and surname history’ prints for my parents which they absolutely loved. The ordering process was very easy, they processed, prepared and sent the parcel’s which arrived the next day. Amazing service and I will definitely be ordering more of their unique gifts in the future.

  82. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    A brilliant and unique gift.

  83. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    amazing work very impressed as it was for a leaving gift

  84. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    David Page

    Fantastic product 👌

  85. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Christina V.

    Exactly what I expected. Great quality! Took along time to receive, I’m sure due to the pandemic on the postal service. Now I just need to buy some frames and hang.

  86. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Michelle W.

    I love the one of the two I ordered. Still haven’t received the second.

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      It’s coming from another supplier Michelle so should be with you soon.

  87. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Happy with purchase

  88. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Brought for a gift and it is well described and came really quick in the post. Very pleased my children was very fascinated in it will order again👍.

  89. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    jude v.

    Great print, lovely quality and fast delivery 🙂

  90. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Simon Steane Fox

    I’m really impressed with my purchase.

  91. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Stephen R.

    Very prompt service. I would highly recommend this company.

  92. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    brian amass

    brilliant i got a coat of arms print for my dad s birthday he was over the moon with it

  93. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    The history print is beautiful, it has been purchased as a gift and is now on its way to my brother who lives in Australia, and I am sure he will love it as much as I do.
    I would definitely recommend the purchase of a history print, a wonderful and lasting gift to treasure

  94. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Nicola K.

    Fantastic, helpful and friendly service. Brought as a gift and recipient loved it. Will definitely buy from Hall of Names again.

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      Thank you for your lovely comment Nicola!

  95. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Janeen Brown

    I have not received it yet?

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Wendy Spencer

      This should be with you Janeen. Please let us know if you have not received it and we will resend.

  96. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Marian Mckiernan

    I’ve purchased this item as a birthday present for my son. I’m really pleased with it, also with how quickly that it was delivered

  97. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Pam Purcell

    Excellent service! Safely wrapped and a joy!

  98. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Craig Sams

    i would like to know what the symbols mean in my crest sams it gave me family history but not what the symbols mean like the lion with the bleeding heart.
    what does that mean can you tell me

    • Avatar for Richard Dewick

      Jo Laver

      Hi there – we have this useful online heraldry dictionary which you may find useful. Kind regards, Jo

  99. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    An ideal gift.

  100. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Very pleased with this, very professional looking and arrived quicker than expected.

  101. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Kate RILEY

    Your service was great, my partner loved the name scroll i got him for his birthday.
    Delivery was fast. Will use u again. Thanks

  102. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Diane B.

    Wonderful gift

  103. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Amazing quality and fast delivery! Would definitely recommend

  104. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Carole Burns-Nuzzi, Milan

    I ordered a few scrolls for Xmas presents last December 2019, which took some time to reach me in Italy, however they did arrive eventually and the really are a lovely gift. Educational, interesting and different. Two scrolls are being sent over to the USA and others will be hung with pride here in Italy.

  105. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Claire Rapson

    Lovely quality

  106. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Jack C.

    Fast delivery (especially for around the Christmas time of year).
    Incredibly comprehensive information which went back through the ages much further that I thought it would.
    Dad loves it, and is going to get it hung on a wall somewhere in the house. It’s very well made and looks the part.

  107. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Excellent! Very pleased with my purchase

  108. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Was a happy with results. Good service.

  109. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Sarah bamber

    Excellent quality

  110. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Jacquie H.

    Such a lovely item which is going to make an excellent present. Thank you.

  111. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Dave Gow

    Excellent product and top service. Ordered on Monday, arrived Tuesday. I recommend this company and product.

  112. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Once again… A fantastic service. Third Christmas present i have purchased here recently. Very impressed with the quality of the goods and quick delivery – Thank you.

  113. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Lisa H.

    Very professional looking pieces of work

  114. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Awesome on product, service and delivery…

    Thank you very much.

    Merry Christmas and Happy and Successful New Year X

  115. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Jean K.

    Beautifully presented and great addition for display on the wall.

  116. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Shona Morris

    Excellent information, and excellent packing and delivery.

  117. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Natalie M.

    Perfect gift.

  118. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Janet Madeleine Turner

    Ordered a Coat of Arms certificate….. it was easy to order, arrived very quickly and was well packaged. I am impressed with the quality of this item as it looks good but also contains detailed information. Would not hesitate to reorder from this company.

  119. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Paul L.

    Good customer service and responsive communication. My prints showed up in good time and perfect condition.

  120. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Claire A.

    Quite interesting to read the information and well laid out

  121. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Andrew Child


  122. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Susan Spray

    Excellent product lovely finish and script

  123. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Graham C.


  124. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Linda Pirart

    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you in awhile, but our internet provider had some tech difficulty’s, so our internet was down for emails. I received the product that I ordered and it is beautiful. I will be ordering more stuff in the future. please that It finally came and you were awesome in responding to me in a timely manner. thanks again. Regards Linda Pirart

  125. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Michael Gregory

    Your product and delivery service are excellent. I have no negative comments.

  126. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Fast efficient service. Lovely product. Thankyou. My FIL is thrilled with it.

  127. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Very happy with product and hope the birthday boy is as well

  128. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Requested a copy unframed, for a family member visiting from Australia. Easy to order and arrived in a out 5 days. Well packed so it was pristine

  129. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Claudia M.

    Excellent and fast service! Definitely recommend it.

  130. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    roy lungley

    Received on time and well wrapped

  131. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    sandra heap

    Really pleased with my purchase. Would recommend

  132. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Tony McKechnie

    exelent service

  133. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Very good,informative,and delivered quickly, thank you.

  134. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    As usual, the quality and service were faultless.

  135. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Really pleased with the framed family name history

  136. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Delivered very promptly and the recipient was more than satisfied with the presentation.

  137. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    George Stevenson

    I would like to thank all concerned with my order, easy to order, quality of product great, service and delivery first class, if concerned about anything just ask and a reply is with you in extra fast time thank you all, also Wendy for your quick reply. If anyone is thinking of a present for a loved one or someone you think as everything I cannot recommend Hall of names and their products highly enough.

  138. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    Kate Lynch

    I received the coat of arms and surname picture earlier than I expected. I am very pleased with it and it is a fantastic gift for the person who has everything! I am going to order one for myself next. I can definitely recommend Hall of Names.

  139. Avatar for Richard Dewick


    Several years ago my Mum ordered one of these prints from Hall of Names, as she started our family tree. Years later as I continue the work I’ve ordered many of these prints not only for my tree but for presents for relatives. They are beautifully created and give information and details that otherwise would be difficult to trace. I’m always so excited to receive one and they make an impressive gift too. You really can’t go wrong with this company. Great product and great service too!

  140. Avatar for Richard Dewick

    John Walker

    The quality of the finished item ensures it will become a treasured family item for many years. The dedication of the team shows in the careful production and prompt dispatch. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. Buy with confidence and enjoy the product.

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